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Wanetta Gibson’s Mom Wanda Rhodes Plotted Brian Banks’ False Rape Accusation for Money

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
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Just because Banks is on the front page of ESPN and he is getting NFL tryouts, that doesn’t mean we can relax.  It is more important now than ever that we push to make sure Wanetta Gibson and her mom Wanda Rhodes are punished for what they did to this young man.

I will continue to post details of their horrific activities until justice is served.

The teenager whose lies landed a budding football star in prison for rape was pushed along by a mother hell-bent on getting rich off a lawsuit settlement, The Daily has learned.

After Wanetta Gibson falsely accused her classmate, Brian Banks, of attacking her at their school, she and her mother, Wanda Rhodes, sued the Long Beach Unified School District for allowing the alleged crime to happen on campus.

Banks took a plea deal that put him behind bars for five years, the school district settled the lawsuit for $1.5 million and the women went on a wild spending spree with their share of the settlement — without showing an ounce of remorse.

“The mom was buying cars, big screen TVs and all sorts of things,” a former neighbor said of Rhodes. “One time Wanetta came up here with a wad of cash — she had $10,000 in her hand.”

“She showed up with a brand new Altima with some great rims,” said the neighbor, who asked not to be identified. “And she bought her mom a Suburban and a Dodge.”

Rhodes, now 52, was greedy and “the type of person where money was everything,” said another neighbor, named Terrell, who would not give his last name. “The mom was really controlling.”

Gibson maintained she was a virgin when Banks raped her in 2002, but those who knew her didn’t believe her claim.

“I knew her in high school and I knew Brian,” Terrell said. “She had a reputation….  And I know Brian, there’s no way he’s going to do something like that.”

Gibson has never married but has two children by different men, the neighbors said. Although now 26, she still lives with her mother, who has a stranglehold over her life.

“She was put up to this by her mother; (Wanetta) was only a teenager at the time,” said attorney Alissa Bjerkhoel of the California Innocence Project.

The neighbor said, “Wanetta wasn’t bright enough to think that up.”

Despite the settlement, the pair continued to live in a squalid apartment complex in a neighborhood where bars on the windows and metal security doors are commonplace. Weeds substitute for front lawns.

Today, after frittering away their money, the women move from one place to another, always a step ahead of debt collectors slapping them with liens, public records show. Rhodes has a lengthy rap sheet, including assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, drug offenses and stalking.

Gibson and Rhodes continue to live in the shadows, untraceable and vilified for robbing a promising athlete of a college education and an NFL career.

“They don’t even have those cars, the bill collectors came and repossessed them,” the neighbor said. “Then they started selling everything. I remember Wanetta came up here and asked me if I wanted her kids’ new PlayStation for 50 bucks.”

These are the faces of evil.

Do not forget them and make sure they pay for everything that they have done to this young man Brian Banks.

My mission will not be complete until they are behind bars, something that the mother is use to already.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Completely agree! They must pay for what they did!

  2. KJ says:

    This is a damn shame! The mother and daughter tag team should get 10 years each. I don’t think the mother made her do this, the daughter was more then willing to take part in this scam. she seen dollar signs just like her mother. The sad part about it there are more mother & daughter scam artis out there just like them, willing to send a innocent man to jail just to get paid.

    • JC says:

      The real sad part about this is that even with NO EVIDENCE, the DA went after Banks with everything, holding 41 years over his head with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE and yet, there is a taped confession of Gibson admitting to lying about the rape and the DA won’t even bring the case to court. If only the DA felt it necessary to pursue false allegations with as much zeal as a rape case that would get them front page headlines.

    • Steve says:

      I wonder if there was or is a connection with the defense atty. that represented Brian and the mother/dtr. team. Something to look into. You wonder why this atty didn’t look into the case enough to not advise to take the deal that would ruin a fine young man. Check her bank account!

    • Wehms2 says:

      And what do you think she’ll be teaching her two little bastards about how to “succeed in life?”

      Sick be-atches…….

  3. M. Hicks says:

    Did I read another article correctly when it said that Wanetta Gibson was trying TO GET BACK WITH Brian Banks when she sent him the “Let’s let bygones be bygones” message?


  4. Rick says:

    Email and call the LBHSD and the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office. These two need to be behind bars. Everything they have cost Brian, the city of Long Beach and Los Angeles and potential earnings from a possible pro career need to be taken into account when deciding their punishment. The city needs to pay Brian. This is ridiculous. I’m pulling for Brian to get a contract with one of the teams he’s trying out for.

    • Mary says:

      The city shouldn’t be paying anything. it is the liars that set this poor kid up that needs to be paying, not the city. Personal responsibility!!!

      • JD says:

        I understand why you feel this way Mary, but the prosecutors and other US officials often used their powers wrongfully. I’d like the state to garnish every dimes they earn. These people they’re not only hurts banks but also the real victims.

  5. Wehms2 says:

    I normally can’t stand the thought of sending anyone to jail……but these vermin should never be allowed to see the free World again……EVER!!! To do that to a human being for profit is nothing short of pure EVIL!!! If they did it once, they’d do it again if they could…..lock them up, tie them to a fireant hill and drizzle honey on them in the hot summer sun on a cloudless day……….these ho’s are maybe just slightly more moral than my Ex and her latest husband……..

  6. JW says:

    I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but these women are already living in hell. There are few things worse than being trapped in poverty, and a jail isn’t necessarily one of those things.

    • Ben-Dover says:

      This comment was even dumber since you started it, it will be unpopular. Sooo, you think it’s okay for ppl to get away with this, as long as there poor? Hhhmm? Uumm…. I’d have to say ur part mental retard

  7. Male Falsely Accused of DV says:

    This happens to males in America every day. Men with money are financial targets. The justice system FAILED. THe courts FAILED. The prosecutor WON ! ! The perjery (lying) mom and daughter WON ! ! We don’t arrest women in America because of VAWA…The Violence Against Women ACT. THANK Bill Clinton, George Bush, Joe Biden and Barak Obama for their support of this law that protects FEMALE LIARS in court. I’ve been there…happened to me.

    • vlad says:

      i feel for you man

      • Mrs. H. says:

        Totally agree. When it comes to men vs women. Women win EVERY time! This system in its attempt to give equal rights to women, has become unequal for men. Now men are treated like dirt in comparison the same has happened with race too. Men vs women..Women and White vs Black….Black. This system should have stopped at equal. But instead kept going to the other extreme!

  8. Kari says:

    I have seen this young man in a few interviews and all I can think of is what a strong human spirit he has. He deserves to have a long NFL career (hopefully up here in Seattle!) And these two horrible excuses for human beings deserve to spend way more then 5 years in prison!

    • Christine says:

      I agree!! And I would LOVE to see someone with such a strong spirit playing for our Seahawks. It’s a good thing those two pieces of trash aren’t up here in the NW…they wouldn’t last long on the streets.

  9. Maylee says:

    Money truly makes someone greedy, but its not the money’s fault. I am sad for men who were truly being target by greedy women like her.

    To visit my blog, please cliquez ici.

  10. Steve K says:

    Like Mother like daughter. I dont think words can describe how awful of people thes two are. Not to mention how terribly fugley they both are… Ill try tho. Hideous? Na.. Gnarly? closer.. Atrocious.. getting warm. Beastly?? almost there.. Colossally epicly intensely ugggggly b@#%hes!!!!!!! Close enough lol. Seriously though. Both of them need to be prosecuted and punished. Prison would be too light a sentence Im thinking. Not to mention, it would be even more of a drain on the economy than they already are. Torture would be more appropriate.. But since that would me immoral, maybe they could just ban them from welfare for life. Then they would be really screwed.. And Please someone get those kids away from them before they are too corrupted to live a normal life! Should have been illegal for her to breed in the first place due to her lack of common sense..

    PS.. Good Luck Brian. Keep at it and You’ll get there

  11. Steve K says:

    Did I mention that I would rather have sex with a wolverine??

  12. K says:

    Let us know where Banks goes (teamwise) so we can cheer for him until our lungs explode.

  13. Chris K says:

    Please please please do everything you can to get her in jail. This is exactly why you don’t tell police anything.

  14. Amanda says:

    This case is disgusting on so many levels. It disgusts me as a woman, because falsely accusing a man of rape when he did not commit the act is despicable on every conceivable level. For every false accusation of rape, there is a true rapist who actually walks. This disgusts me as an intelligent, thinking person because this teenager was talked into taking a bullshit plea deal for the only crime of being tall and black and therefore “untrustworthy” to a jury. It also disgusts me as a member of the human race that a person could steal someone’s life and show little to no remorse. What if he hadn’t taken the plea deal and been sent to prison for forty years? Would we even know about this story since prisoners aren’t allowed to have facebook pages? I guess five years in prison and five years on parole and on the sex offenders registry list was really worth the $1.5 million that they squandered. I’m just so filled with anger over the fact that these poor wastes of oxygen for the rest of the species probably sleep just fine at night. As long as they got their’s right? People like these two should be sterilized.

    • Chrystal says:

      Amanda, I agree with your comments.
      I am at a lost for words that would express the anger I feel n- they raped that young man out of 6 yrs of his life. The money they schemed to get has been wasted & they have nothing to show for it – karma! Putting them in jail, would be another burden on the taxpayers. However, someone must be done to all those responsible, including the prosecutor.

    • David Moore says:

      So where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? I could be wrong, but they usually look the other way with Black-on-Black crime. This is so egregious, however, that any normal person should look beyond race. The dreams and education of a promising young man were ruined by greedy lowlifes looking for an easy mark and payday. Had they made something of themselves with the money it would not be so sickening and look so obvious. God bless you Brian. You are a better man than I with your ability to get your life on track and not be consumed by revenge.

      • Ivan L. Flynn says:

        I am sorry but I don’t see why Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton should be apart of this conversation. Black men are more likely to be considered guilty when accused by a black female. Can you imagined the up roar it would it would have caused if either of these men had taken up Mr. Banks case as advocates.

  15. Nemo says:

    They’re both living in the hell they’ve created for themselves. Brian Banks’ prosecutor should be the one to go after. He knew better then, and he hasn’t even apologized for his obvious mistake. It’s all about convictions for his ilk. There are way too many convicted innocents in jail and not even close to enough prosecutors have been held accountable for their grossly malicious travesties of justice.

  16. cat says:

    Sad this brought tears to my eyes. How could they do something so horrible to this young guy. GOD BLESS HIM FOR HOLDING STRONG, SOME DAY I hope he will learn to trust again and find a good woman. this is the worst miss carriage of justice. JUST AT MESS. GOD BLESS HIS PARENTS AS WELL

  17. Al says:

    This happened to a friend of mine over 10 years ago and he is still in jail even though the accuser routinely brags about sending his a$$ to prison for life for cheating on her sister. The police won’t do a thing and several people have been to them telling them about her.

  18. Akin says:

    Like everyone have agreed, they are both living in hell already on this planet earth because they look sick like someone who have contacted some disease due to the evil way..There is no need sending them to jail because people have know the kind of animal that they are and i pity the man that is still after this 2 vulture..God Bless you Brian and i am sure you will realize your dream soon.

    • EGN says:

      FUck that! If I’m going to pay my tax money to support scum like this in their worthless existence, then they’re going to sit in a jail cell and rot.

  19. Justice says:

    The prosecutor had the power — the real villain is the prosecutor!

  20. EGN says:

    These entitled worthless cunts don’t just deserve prison. That bitch and her mom deserve to be raped–that would be true karmic reciprocity.

  21. Jamaal Weatherspoon says:

    Infuriating. But God will have the last word.

  22. Jason Biggs says:

    Crazy ass bitch! I want you crushed under a truck and taste your own blood!

  23. sweden says:

    This is so tragic. But Something even more tragic is the system which allows it, the american justice sytem.

    This kind of huge mistakes are not even possible in my country. The U.S justice system is a joke.

  24. Ray Ray says:

    In her hidden camera admission, they said she had to take the bus to the office where she met with Banks, and his Private Investigator. Triffling ass women need to be in jail…

  25. 2bad says:

    The first one is the face of evil. The second one is the face of stupid!

  26. SDC63 says:

    Mom and Daughter should be in prison.

  27. George says:

    Vile Evil Cunt No 1 planted the get rich quick seed in Vile Evil Cunt No 2’s head by sending an innocent man to jail for 5 years on a false rape charge & robbing him of his freedom for the rest of his life.. She knew
    the difference between right & wrong (a sense everybody is blessed at birth with) So Dead Behind the eye Bitch Momma could have been in that ear 24/7/365 & she seen the right path but started running towards the wrong one, with shopping bags in both hands.. Hell is not hot enough for either of these two heartless (soulless) Whores…

  28. CitrusOrange says:

    I am just hearing about and reading Brian Banks’ story. Please do continue to rail against this criminal duo because they do need to be in prison where they can hurt no one else.

  29. Arya says:

    She won’t be able to get far with that big, ugly forehead of hers in tow. She and her mother deserve to pay at least twice the sentencing the Brian Banks had to serve. Greedy, low-class embezzlers like them deserve to rot in jail.

  30. Wipe these grimey NIGGERS off the face of this earth

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