Deron Williams’ Mom Says Part of Problem of Going to Mavs Would Be Nosey Neighbors

I have no clue where Deron Williams will end up.

Every team could use him, but no one really knows what Williams is thinking. Maybe he will talk to everyone and make a decision.

His mom has some thoughts on why going to the Mavs could be an issue.

Many see Dallas as a great fit for Williams, not only because the veteran-stocked, win-ready team needs a solid point guard to help out Jason Kidd, but also because Williams has a lot of ties in Texas, considering that’s where he grew up.

But Williams’ mom doesn’t think it’s as easy as that.

She told ESPN this week that the last time Williams hung out in his hometown after reaching NBA stardom, he had trouble keeping the neighbors away.

“He did have a house in Carrollton for the first two offseasons, and that was a big issue,” Denise Smith said. “People would just show up, and they felt like they never had any privacy.”