Hornets Jarrett Jack Thinks Ray Allen is Traitor For Signing With the Heat

I can’t wait until Jarrett Jack is a free agent because then we can tell him what to do with his career, like it seems he likes to tell other players what they should be doing with their career.

Ray Allen was free to play for the Heat or the Globetrotters, it was his decision. He didn’t betray the Celtics, he fulfilled his contractual obligations.

Were the Celtics traitors for trying to trade him religiously at the trading deadline last year?

Some players should think before they Tweet.

3 thoughts on “Hornets Jarrett Jack Thinks Ray Allen is Traitor For Signing With the Heat

  • I agree 100% with Jarrett. Ray is all butt hurt because the Celtics tried to trade them when the team sucked, but when the Celtics played well, they realized Ray was a key figure given all their injuries. Doc and the C’s wanted him back, offering him double the money that Miami did. He had his mind made up and is a traitor for signing with the biggest enemy. He is being spiteful. Could be a blessing in disguise though, Ray hasn’t play well for two years. Had Avery not gotten hurt, his minutes would have been diminished in the playoffs. Should make for interesting games next year.

  • jarret jack just giving a comment to your tweet, you should be thankful for that, in the first place who cares about what u think?, do you want to be known with your tweet?, just improve your game so nba fans might be able to finally remember your name, anyway since when did you become an nba player?, i dont watch weak teams, sorry no pun intended, i just wanna know.

  • I don’t think Ray Allen is traitor.

    What if your job considered firing/replacing you with another worker behind your back? Would you still be loyal to that employer. Probably not….so i don’t blame him.

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