Report: Michael Jordan Handing Over Full Control of Personnel Decisions to Rich Cho

Let’s just be honest.

You, me and the guy on Twitter who follows 10k people but only 7 people follows him back, probably could make better personnel decisions than Michael Jordan (and better wardrobe choices).

Jordan was extremely gifted at basketball, marketing and selling shoes, but not so much at running a successful franchise.

Maybe, just maybe he understands now he needs some help.

According to an article in ESPN The Magazine, things might be changing for the Bobcats — at least when it comes to the structure of the front office. For too long, the Bobcats went with a bare-bones approach to scouting on both the pro and college level, and when it came to the draft, Jordan would tend to simply choose the guy he liked most in the NCAA Tournament — thus the Bobcats chose players like Kemba Walker and Adam Morrison.

Michael Jordan has reportedly given basketball operations control to Rich Cho with the Charlotte Bobcats.

As the article states, “In order to win basketball games, Michael Jordan has removed himself from the equation. He’s promised his front office staff that he’ll let them do their jobs without his shadow looming over their war-room marker boards. More unlikely still, he’s handed over the reins of the Bobcats to a next-generation GM, armed with high-level metrics, to do for Charlotte what he helped do for Oklahoma City — and in doing so, salvage Jordan’s flagging basketball reputation.”

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