Victor Cruz Tells Roddy White He Doesn’t Care What He Says, He’s Got A Ring

Yesterday Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took a shot via NFL Network at Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, when he implied that Cruz who plays the slot on occasions, is not a “big boy” because of it.

Cruz Giants teammates let him know about the slight, and Cruz fired back in the calmest of manners according to the Newark Star Ledger.

“I couldn’t care less about what anybody else has to say,” Cruz told the Star-Ledger. “I got a ring back at home. I don’t care about what Roddy White has to say.

Roddy White just likes to bring attention to himself whether it’s good or bad.

He could have easily answered Michael Irvin’s question with a simple yes me and Julio are the best.

He gets in trouble sometimes when he tries to be a bit more intelligent than he really is.

That’s Roddy for you though.

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