Goats Invade Football Field, Cause Relocation of Game

I promise you as hilarious as this sounds, it is not a joke.

Burns High School in Lawndale North Carolina recent football game had to be relocated to another school because goats invaded the field and left it in a condition that wasn’t suitable for play.

Anyone else smell a senior prank?

Per Shelbystar.com: An excerpt from the article reads, ” School personnel said that 10-to-12 goats had been released in the stadium overnight and caused enough of a mess in the area near the fieldhouse – and given the current E. coli cases attached to the county – meant the game had to move to another venue as a health precaution.”

While parents of students are maintaining that the goats got out on their own, I have my doubts.

If anyone was wondering, no goats were harmed.

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