A Wizards Beer Ad Briefly Featured 19 Year Old Bradley Beal (Picture)

Most beer distributors or places that sell alcohol are required to ask for I.D.

When those establishments don’t, there can be huge fines.

What is the fine, when you use a minor, regardless of his height and ability to shoot a jumper, in a beer ad.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Washington Wizards recently used shooting guard Bradley Beal in a beer promotion.

That’s usually the standard business for professional teams, except, Beal is only 19 years old.

The drink promotion is called a “Bar Tour,” and has packages that start at $25 and get you 2 games tickets, and 2 $2 Budweisers.

When asked to explain the use of the underage Beal, the Wizards stated that they use a company called TiqIQ, who partnered with the team on the ticket promotion.

Reports are that there was an oversight between the Wizards and the ticket company, and the ad was ran prematurely.

Yea right.