Andy Reid Lies About Why LeSean McCoy Was in The Game When it Was 31-6

Just be honest Andy you are going to get fired anyway.

McCoy was hurt after the two minute warning on a running play. Here is the reason Reid gave via Pro Football Talk about why McCoy was in the game.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Reid answered that McCoy was in the game because the Eagles were trying to catch up and win.

Andy Reid wants us to believe that he thought the best way to catch up and win the game was to run the ball when they were down 25 with under two minutes to go?

This is the same coach who is allergic to running the ball, but somehow thought a McCoy running play was going to spark the comeback?  Just tell the truth that he was trying to get McCoy some garbage carries to make it seems like his play calling was balanced.

It wasn’t and it never is.

McCoy was diagnosis with a concussion.