Floyd Mayweather Accused of Taking PEDs

There is a fine line between a rumor and a solid sourced piece of information.

A rumor is normally heard not seen, so it is very difficult to verify. When information is passed between individuals it can be manipulated and in some cases just flat out fictional, so before you accuse someone you need to be very careful and make sure your intel is accurate.

For years Manny Pacquiao has been accused of taking Performance Enhancing Drugs, with no real evidence to back it up. It was always a circumstantial case at best. The Mayweather family have been the main accusers, so as you can imagine any rumors about Floyd Mayweather PEDs use is going to garner some news.

The problem is the information is very shaky. Here is what we know courtesy of Max Boxing.

Manny Pacquiao filed a defamation suit against the Mayweathers for saying he used PEDs. Pacquiao’s attorneys heard of a rumor that Mayweather had failed not 1, not 2, but 3 drug tests in the past.

Once Pacquiao’s lawyers got a hold of the rumors they asked for all of Mayweather’s tests going back a couple of years. Mayweather’s attorney never provided the documents. After Floyd got out of jail a settlement offer was made and that closed the case. According to Pacquiao’s lawyers the offered was greater than they anticipated.

If you are asking yourself how Mayweather could fail three tests and no one ever find out about it, here is the explanation from Max Boxing.

Iit was rumored that Mayweather’s “A” sample had tested positive on three occasions and, after each positive test, USADA had found exceptional circumstances in the form of inadvertent use and gave Floyd a waiver. This waiver, according to the rumor, negated the need for a test of Floyd’s “B” sample. And because the “B” sample was never tested, a loophole in USADA’s contract with Mayweather and Golden Boy allowed the testing to proceed without the positive “A” sample results being reported to Mayweather’s opponent or the Nevada State Athletic Commission (which had jurisdiction over the fights).

There is no way of knowing if this is true or not.  If it was true it would be considered a huge scandal and Mayweather’s reputation would be in shambles.

Without any concrete evidence against Floyd or Manny it should be innocent into proven guilty and I will assume not out a naïvety but fair game that they both are clean.

I will leave you with this comment from Steroid expert Victor Conte.

“Mayweather is not doing Olympic-style testing,” Conte states. “I’ve never liked the use of that phrase. ‘Olympic’ means 24-7-365. To be effective, drug testing has to be 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The benefits that an athlete retains from using anabolic steroids and certain other PEDs carry over for months. That means athletes can develop their strength and speed base early and the benefits of PED use will last after that use has been discontinued. If you wait to start testing until eight to 10 weeks in advance of a fight, which is what Mayweather does, that’s not Olympic-style testing. Who knows what Mayweather or his opponent has done during the previous six months?”

5 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Accused of Taking PEDs

  • For Robert Littal, why didn’t you flip out about a Floyd Sr, a convicted drug trafficker, making up that Pacquaio was on steroids after Pacquaio beat his boxer in “Hatton” – Sr also has stated Floyd would beat him yet contradicted that with He is scared for his son – this would explain Floyd’s recent behavior with Roid Rage, the female beating maybe, but he’s beaten females before – a recent incredulous phone call he made to a radio show where he made himself look very bad. Floyd Mayweather is everything that’s wrong with boxing and an outlet of social media for teens, that being a role model, who sure does not live up to it, not even his language. He’s fighting a rap artist named TI in Las Vegas. I covered the first problem with Pacquaio vs Mayweather in an article I wrote in 2010 for cameclutchlblog.com where Floyd refused to fight in Dallas Stadium in the biggest fight of his life – which he needed in every sense, will not fight under the rules out of Nevada. He came back in ’09 when he was not missed and Pacquaio was carrying the sport (Pacquaio had two previous meetings, one a featherweight and one a jr lightweight, with Juan Manuel Marquez. The first fight was a draw yet should have gone Pac’s way after one judge came forth after stating he scored the first round wrong in 10-7 unlike the other judges 10-6 in round 1 where Pac knocked Marquez down 3 times. The first fight was still generally seen by many as a win for Pacquaio, and in their close SD rematch at Jr Lightweight, Pacquaio deservingly won due to a point for another knockdown) So when Floyd came back in ’09 as a Welterweight and picked out the then Lightweight Champion in Marquez to come up from 135 pounds to 145, two short of welterweight, it didn’t surprise me. It was a mismatch in size yet Floyd wanted the poeple’s talk that Pac and Marquez were pretty even fighters to fight him and put an end to it which it did not. After Pac quickly went through lightweight he jumped up to fight Oscar De La Hoya, to win the jr welterweight championship agaisnt Ricky Hatton (Floyd may have beaten Hatton but didn’t win his title since he was at welter fighting a jr welter) and would go up to welter beating guys like Clottey, and Margarito (who Floyd, in fact would not fight for 8 million dollars a few years prior, he was offered one more dollar at the time to fight Baldomir and with that choice the supposed best in the world would not get engage with Margarito but with 9 loss Baldomir) – Floyd’s manipulative behavior in the ring started when he left his best weight at Jr Lightweight. He would have his grandest victory, to this day, against Corales, earning him an HBO contract, and then there were still undefeated Brazilian Star Frietas and undefeated Cuban Casaymayor. The lighweight champion was Stevie Johnson. Floyd would stay at jr lightweight fighting lesser caliber fighters Hernandez and Chavez while we were waiting for him to fight Frietas and Casamayor when all of a sudden in 2002 RING UPSET OF THE YEAR Stevie Johnson would be upset by an unknown Castillo. Floyd would jump straight up to take on the lightweight champion and get beat by him, Castillo terribly ripped off. There would be a rematch and Floyd would get by with oddly closer scores. Then he would take on unknown guys, usually on HBO AFTER DARK such as Sosa, and N’dou before moving up to Jr Welterweight where there was a lot going on such as Kotya Tyzu, undefeated Zab Judah, undefeated Hatton – and he would jump and and fight a guy Judah beat in Corely, then fight Henry Bruceles gearing up for his first PPV against a jr welterweight trilogy of club fighters that was going on between Gatti and Ward. Gatti won the series 2-1 thought lost to Ward, Oscar, Robingon twice, Angel Manfredy who Floyd knocked out and Gatti would sell Floyd’s first PPV at jr lightweight. He would then move to Welterweight and fight a Kostya Tyzu beaten Mitchell before gearing up to fight new welterweight champion, Zab Judah, who happened to win a rematch with Corey Spinks. Judah first would lose to Carlos Baldomir in a warm up match. Mayweather vs Judah would go on and for the second time Floyd should have lost a match when Roger Mayweather, his trainer, not only came in the ring, but rushed in, attacking Judah who hit Floyd low. Floyd would escape a knockown a ref didn’t see and win the IBF welter championship and then have a chance to fight Margarito and “Money” chose Baldomir, in one of the worst PPV’s in history. Hernadez, Chavez, Castillo, Castillo, Sosa, N’dou, Corely, Bruceles, Gatti, Mitchell, Judah, Baldomir, does that sound like a great resume’? He would then take on Oscar de La Hoya for the most contrived jr middlweight title in history from the WBC, giving Oscar a title to make the fight more interesting, Floyd would escape with a SD, then fight jr welterweight Ricky Hatton and retire. No one missed him for two years, he came back in ’09 and fought lightweight champion Marquez, he’s only fought seven times since 2009 against Mosley, Ortiz who lost to Maidana prior ot that, and Floyd could have been Disqualified there for two cheap shots, the fans booing him after the fight he flipped on Larry Merchant, you have him fighting a Cotto that Pac Ko’d (as thier opponents in common Pac has looked way more sensational in beating) then Guerrero, a lightweight who was coming off two wins at welter against Aydin and Berto, you have him then fighting overrated Canelo, who had no chance, a Showtime creation at 154, Floyd owning a 154 title defended it at 152 which makes no sense how that can be understanable, and then you have him chosing former jr welterweight Maidana, who was schooled and dropped by Khan, schooled by Alexander, and beat by Kotelnik and Floyd lost five of the six first rounds and didnt sweep the end of it – People call him a great welterweight? Or talent? While Pac, Bradley, and Marquez have been putting on great wetlerweight fights on HBO including the names in their round robin tough jr welters Provodinov, Rios, and Alvarado. There are four welterweights on the p4p list, three of them are fighting each other and then there’s floyd, who must have went with the steroid thing because he was the on that seems to be doing them. HOW DARE YOU NOT POST AN OUTRAGE ARTICLE TO FLOYD SAYING PAC WAS ON DRUGS.

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