Report: Asomugha Would Be Cut By Eagles Unless He Takes Pay Cut

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a heap of trouble right now, and as expected heads will roll, and changes will be made.

There will probably be a change at head coach, quarterback, and numerous other positions.

One player who may no longer be welcome in Eagles green is Nnamdi Asomugha.

Asomugha has struggled as an Eagles after signing a lucrative free agent deal two season’s ago.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Asomugha will have to take a steep pay cut in the off-season, or risk being cut.

McLane: “The 31-year-old cornerback is due to earn a whopping $15 million in base salary next season, with $4 million guaranteed. The Eagles aren’t likely to cut Asomugha and eat the $4 million, but they’re not going to pay him his full salary considering the slip in his production. More than likely, the sides will meet somewhere in the middle.”

Asomugha has been at the root of the Eagles defensive struggles, and sums up the Eagles in a nutshell.

Huge contract, name recognition, but eroded skills, and a lack of desire.

Nnamdi Asomugha lost the will and heart the minute he signed that huge deal.

One thought on “Report: Asomugha Would Be Cut By Eagles Unless He Takes Pay Cut

  • He’s trash this season, he tackles people (when he’s not getting BURNED) like he trying not to crack an egg. They just slip right past him. Eagles should just get rid of him.

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