Antoine Walker Says Evelyn Lozada is a Big Reason Why He Went BROKE (Video)

Women can be expensive, it has been like this since the beginning of time. But just like any other expense, you have to understand your debt to income ratio.

When you are a professional athlete sometimes it is just easier to throw money at women to get their attention. We call that the Harden Theory.

So it isn’t surprising to hear Antonie Walker speak about how he spent millions of dollars on Evelyn Lozada and then ended up broke. It was just another “toy” that Walker spent too much on. Unfortunately, by the time Walker figured it out it was too late. I don’t blame Evelyn or any woman for that matter. If someone was giving me free money and treating me like a King I would take without hesitation.

Women can always move on to the next big spender, but once an athlete goes broke and gets old, he can’t go back on the court and recoup that money. It is a hard lesson that many athletes have had to learn.

Check out the video of Walker speaking about Evelyn courtesy of Jocks and Stiletto Jill.