Charles Barkley Says Lincoln is His Favorite President; Doesn’t Have to Call Ernie “Boss” (Video)

Charles Barkley San Antonio 4

A lot of slavery talk since DJANGO Unchained was released, so Kenny Smith decided to ask Barkley who was his favorite President and this is what Chuck had to say.

Technically, black people were still being forced to call white people “boss” many years after John Wilkes Booth decided to lay his claim to fame.

People ask me from time to time why Barkley and Shaq can get away with saying things that Lebron, Kevin Durant and others could never say.

It is all about perception, doesn’t make it right, but that just how it goes. People expect Shaq and Chuck to say silly things and just laugh them off, while they hold other players to a much higher standard.

It isn’t fair, but when has life ever been?