Ahmad Rashad’s Wife Fears Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are Bad Influences on Him


Ahmad Rashad

Ahmad needs to think about this clearly. Rashad’s wife is Sale Johnson the Ex-Wife of Jets’ Billionaire owner Woody Johnson.

She is worth a ton of money and is basically Ahmad’s sugar mama, but she doesn’t like Tiger and MJ.

Sources exclusively tell Page Six the couple, who live in a swanky private enclave in Jupiter, Fla., have recently been on the rocks — fighting over her immense $100 million wealth and his friendship with golf bad boy Tiger Woods, as well as his longtime pal NBA all-time great Michael Jordan.

A source told us, “Sale has asked him to move out. Things appear to be very bitter. He is trying to get her banned from his country club in Florida. And she worries about the influence of known adulterers Woods and Jordan.

True story I still thought he was married to Claire from the Cosby Show.


  1. I think she is Ahmad’s sugar momma and now she’s had enough. I’m sure she has an iron clad prenup so he won’t get a dime.

  2. Ok let’s get this straight, She says Tiger is a bad influence on Amahad, but Tiger is trying to remarry his ex-wife? And Tiger’s ex-wife wants him to sign a prenup that will give here over $300 Million if he cheats? Either Sale is off base or Tiger had better run from his Ex!!! LOL

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