ND Promoted a Fundraiser For Te’o Dead GF, Weeks After They Knew She Was a Fake

tommy from martin manti te'o

Notre Dame said they knew Manti Te’o Dead Cancer ridden girlfriend was a fake toward the end of the December, so why when someone set up a fundraising event in her honor did they help promote it?

Dan Tudesco, a 2006 graduate who now works in public relations in New York, set up an online account at fundraising website indiegogo.com on Jan. 9 to solicit $5,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Inc. The initial pitch said donations would go to the society in memory of Lennay Kekua and in honor of Te’o, “two individuals who have been an inspiration to us through an iconic season.”

Notre Dame took notice of Tudesco’s tweets about the fund drive and sent a university videographer to shoot an interview with him. The video was posted on the Notre Dame athletics YouTube channel Tuesday.

“It would surprise me that Notre Dame would want to promote this if they knew something like this was going on,” Tudesco said.

However, Notre Dame officials said Wednesday that they became aware of the hoax on Dec. 26, nearly two weeks before the championship game.

The Notre Dame AD cried in front of the entire world, said Te’o had been the victim of a cruel and horrible joke, so how does he explain this?

If the administration and Te’o knew the girl was a fake and didn’t have cancer why in the world wouldn’t someone had stop this fundraiser?


The rabbit hole gets deeper.

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