Sacramento Kings Want DeMarcus Cousins To See Psychologist

kings want cousins to see psychologist

As we’ve documented, the Sacramento Kings have been trying to figure out different ways to deal with troubled center DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins is supremely talented, but supremely problematic as well.  GM Geoff Petrie recently shot down rumors of Cousins being on the trade block, saying those rumors are false.

Reports have surfaced recently that the owners of the Kings, the Maloofs are Cousin’s biggest supporter, and were instrumental in Cousins returning from suspension early.

New details about Cousins have to light courtesy of USA Today, and give insight into why teams may not be willing to match the Kings price for Cousins.

According to the USA Today report, the Kings want DeMarcus Cousin to see a psychologist for his anger management issues and anything else that might cause his outburst.

In the report it states the rules of the CBA don’t make it mandatory for players to have to accept mental health counseling, but it has been strongly suggested that Cousins see a psychologist.

Cousins for his part has declined the opportunity to sit in the chair and speak with someone about his problems.  Reports also suggest that Cousins inability to speak with a counselor is why teams were leery of drafting him high in 2010.

GM Geoff Petrie was asked about the team wanting Cousins to seek therapy.

“Those types of issues are private and should remain with the player, his representatives and obviously the people on the team,” Petrie said. “That’s really getting into personal information that I don’t think anybody really has a right to know. I don’t know that you’d want your medical records out there.”

Cousins downplayed the fact that he has any issues, and address it in an obnoxious manner.

“The first thing I have to do is keep my mouth shut … even when I’m right,” Cousins told the Bee. “But I’m not depressed. Do I look depressed? I’m rich, I’m healthy. I’m very grateful for the situation I’m in. I’m telling you, it’s the stress.”


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  • I have been following Cousins since he arrived at UK. There were times when I thought he was going to come unhinged at the college level and I credit coach Calipari with being able to control him. Nevertheless, he is a great talent. I really wish he would agree to counseling.

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