Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Would Take Him Back If $350 Million Non-Cheating Clause in Prenup

Tiger Woods Condom

Someone isn’t telling the truth.

We reported earlier that Woods was possibly dating skier Lindsey Vonn, now a report courtesy of Larry Brown Sports via the National Enquirer is saying that Woods is desperately trying to get his ex-wife Elin back.

So, which one is it?

I tend to believe the Vonn story more than the Elin story for one reason? The ridiculously stipulations they are saying Tiger would agree to in the prenup.

The report says Tiger offered Elin $200 million to take him back and that Elin said she would consider it only if she got the $200 million and Tiger put in a $350 million Non-Cheating clause in their prenuptial agreement.

Elin Tiger Woods

Tiger is worth about $600 million, he has already given Elin $110 million in their divorce, so I am supposed to believe that Tiger is willing to risk a total of $550 million if he is caught creeping ONE TIME?

Sorry, even the guy who left this voicemail isn’t that stupid.

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Would Take Him Back If $350 Million Non-Cheating Clause in Prenup

  • That’s a lot of money for a very average looking white girl.

    • Creep!

  • I am not buying this at all. Last month they said Tiger was in a club in Southern Cal dirty dancing with a bunch of women now, we know he stopped by to see Lindsey in Germany. Do they really expect us to believe this story? I think Tiger would rather catch a case of the clap at the 17th hole at Augusta than go back to Elin.

  • The Creep! was meant for this Jeremy dude. Alot of men would do anything to have a woman like her. Don’ disrespect women,,,,white r black,,,,U just jealous,,,she won; look at ur sorry ass.

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