Cowboys Josh Brent Was Driving Up to 134 MPH, When He Killed Teammate in Crash


Even if you are sober, driving over 100 MPH isn’t very safe. You add in the fact, Brent was double over the legal driving limit, I’m shocked he didn’t kill himself as well.

Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent was driving at least 110 mph on State Highway 114 before he lost control of his car and the accident killed his teammate in the passenger seat, according to police documents obtained by NBC 5.

DART cameras show Brent’s four-door Mercedes S600, at 2:19 a.m. on Highway 114. According to reports, Brent could have been driving 134 mph at some points.

This should be common sense, but don’t drink and drive, don’t drive 100 MPH and wear your seat belts at all times.  This just doesn’t go for athletes, but for everyone.

Brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter, for the death of his teammate Jerry Brown.  He’s currently out on bond while awaiting trial.  No trial date has been set.

The Cowboys and Brown’s family have said they will support him during the trial.

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