Canelo Alvarez Says He Won’t Fight Mayweather Under 154 Weight Limit


Catch-22 situation for Mayweather, who is on record saying he wants fighters to fight at the weight they are comfortable at (he was speaking about Pacquiao making Miguel Cotto fight at a catchweight). But unlike Cotto who is a small Junior Welterweight, Canelo is a giant Junior Welterweight, who blows up from 154 to 170 on fight night.

Mayweather who is most effective at Welterweight, has never entered the ring weighing more than 152 pounds.

Mayweather has spoken on it since he beat Robert Guerrero (maybe too busy making it rain at KOD), Canelo on the other hand, says he isn’t signing anything that would cause him to fight below 154.

“I’ll fight at my weight [154] against Mayweather,” Alvarez told Univision Deportes. “I cannot go lower than 154 because that’s where I feel good. My team and I are ready to fight Mayweather.”

Who is calling the shots here? Canelo or Mayweather? We should know soon.

2 thoughts on “Canelo Alvarez Says He Won’t Fight Mayweather Under 154 Weight Limit

  • Things like this are one of several reasons why so many people no longer watch boxing. We the fans are not getting the best matches. We will never see Mayweather vs Pacquaio, we better see Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez. I refuse to pay $70 dollars to see Mayweather fight another tomato can.

    • Ain’t that the truth

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