Report: Suns Want Grant Hill to Take General Manager job

Grant Hill


You’d think losing 57 games in a season and finishing dead last in the Western Conference, would’ve given the folks who calls the shots in the Phoenix Suns organization a reality check which in turn, would challenge them to make more prudent decisions. Maybe they need to lose 60.

According to a report via Marc Stein of ESPN, the Suns want to give the vacant general manager position to one of their beloved former players.


As of now Hill is still under contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, but has expressed in the past that this could be his last season.

If the Suns were to make this hire, it would wreak of cronyism. There is no way that the incredibly inexperienced Hill, is the most qualified candidate out there to take the Suns from their current state back to relevance.

That’s not to say that he won’t be great general manager some day, but the Suns need someone who has significant experience to right this ship.



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