A-Rod Says He’s a Crazy Man and Won’t Quit on Yankees

*Apr 14 - 00:05*

The Yankees are probably wishing Alex Rodriguez quit on them. Even though, there has been rumors that A-Rod is on his way to retirement, he says that isn’t true.

“I know people think I’m nuts,” the embattled Rodriguez told USA Today Sports. “I know most people wouldn’t want the confrontation. Most people would say, ‘Get me out of here. Trade me. Do anything.’

“But I’m the [expletive] crazy man who goes, ‘I want to compete. I want to stay in New York. I refuse to quit.’

“Maybe it’s stupidity, I don’t know, but I’m wired to compete and give my best. I have a responsibility to be ready to play as soon as I can.”

It might be out of his hands if the Biogenesis snitch gets his $1 million and rats him out.

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