Affidavit Confirms Carlos Ortiz Flipped On Aaron Hernandez, Told Everything


For the past week or so, there’s been a continuing debate on whether or not Carlos Ortiz flipped on Aaron Hernandez, and decided to work with the authorities.

Ortiz’s lawyer vehemently denied that his client had turned states evidence, and tried to paint him as an innocent bystander.

According to the Boston Globe, attorney John Connors told reporters that Ortiz is not cooperating with police in the case against Hernandez.

Later on in the day Tuesday, reports started to suggest that Ortiz did in fact turn states evidence and flip on Hernandez.  They were simply reports at that point.

Now according to Pro Football Talk via Albert Breer, an affidavit from the Hernandez case that has been released to the media and public, clearly shows that Ortiz did in fact flip on Hernandez, and pretty much told everything he knew.

According to the affidavit, Ortiz, who was already on probation, showed up for what he assumed was his regularly scheduled probation appointment.

Upon getting to the probation hearing, Ortiz was notified there were bigger issues to discuss. 

Investigators read Ortiz his Miranda, and Ortiz agreed to speak from there.  There is reportedly audio and video of that conversation. 

Ortiz said that he and Ernest Wallace arrived at Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro just after midnight on June 17, 2013. 

Hernandez and and his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins were not home yet; a babysitter let Wallace and Ortiz into the home.

Ortiz told investigators that he saw “a small and large handgun” in the home. At some point according to Ortiz,  Hernandez and his fiancee returned, and Ortiz says he saw Hernandez “carrying a gun.”

Ortiz told police that the three men left the home at 1:09 a.m. and picked up Odin Lloyd. 

Ortiz then told police, at, on the drive back, “he overheard Mr. Hernandez state directly to Mr. Lloyd that he was ‘chilling’ with people that [Hernandez] had problems with.”  Ortiz then said that Hernandez and Lloyd “made up by ‘shaking hands’ and agreed that ‘it’ was squashed.”

Ortiz told authorities fell asleep, and woke up when the vehicle stopped.  At that point, the other three men including Lloyd, allegedly got out of the vehicle “to urinate.” 

Ortiz told police, shortly after that, he heard gunshots.

He told police that Hernandez and Ernest Wallace got back in to the car “without Mr. Lloyd,” and the vehicle “fled” the scene.

Because he had been asleep and stayed in the car, Carlos Ortiz told police that he didn’t know who had fired the shots. 

Ortiz stated that when the three men minus Lloyd returned to Hernandez’s house, Ernest Wallace asked him to get a small gun located under the rear of the driver’s seat.  Ortiz said that he went and got the gun, carried it inside, and gave it to Hernandez.

Ortiz said that he then went back to sleep.

Sources say that affidavit confirms that Hernandez was experiencing paranoia, felt he coudn’t trust anyone, and was visibily upset about Odin Lloyd being to friendly with someone Hernandez didn’t see eye to eye with. 

I can’t wait for the trial, this will better than any episode of First 48.