Carmelo Anthony Avoiding Shoulder Surgery

Carmelo Anthony will not get shoulder surgery.

Everybody wants to know what Carmelo will do next summer. He can opt out of his contract to become a free agent. The New York Daily News reported today that Anthony will most certainly opt out.

There will be plenty of chatter about Melo’s future throughout the upcoming season, but one thing people forget to mention is his health. Anthony battled a shoulder injury during the playoffs, a partially torn labrum. This injury normally requires surgery, but Anthony is going to do without it.

Speaking with the New York Daily News he reiterated he does not plan to have surgery this summer.

“I took one MRI a couple of months ago and it was healing back in place,” he said. “So that was the decision — should I get surgery or should I not? I’m not really a big fan of surgical procedures.

“At the end of the day it was my body, and if I felt as though I needed to go get surgery I was going to get surgery. But at that point I was hoping up until that first MRI that I didn’t need surgery and the Almighty man was with me.”

Carmelo Anthony won his first NBA scoring title last season with 28.7 points a game.