Chip Kelly Says He Has Final Say Over Eagles 53-Man Roster


After Andy Reid was fired by the Eagles, the idea of a head coach holding power of personnel decisions was supposed to have been abolished.

Jeffrey Lurie named Howie Roseman GM, and hired offensive genius, and successful college coach Chip Kelly as Reid’s successor.

It was assumed that Kelly would on handle the X’s and O’s, but according to Pro Football Talk, Kelly also has final say on who makes his roster.

Asked Tuesday if he had final say on the 53-man roster which will be carved out this weekend, Kelly’s answer was clear.

Yeah,” he replied, via Geoff Mosher of

Kelly made it clear that even though he’s the coach with final say on his roster, and Roseman is the GM paid to select the roster, there’s no conflict between the rookie head coach and GM.

“There hasn’t been a decision that’s been made personnel-wise since I’ve been here where I’ve felt [one] way and he’s felt the other way,” Kelly said. “No, I’m not amazed that it has been [smooth]. If you analyze it, there’s never been a situation when we’ve been going from, ‘It’s this guy or that guy,’ and then two guys are standing on soap boxes saying ‘We’re going one direction, not the other direction.’

“I think when you have guys that are professional and can see the other side of it and understand how it fits in the grand scheme of things, I think he sees the big picture. I see the big picture. So I think that’s why we get along so well.”