Roy Hibbert Works Out With Tim Duncan, Says Summer Leagues Are Wack


Roy Hibbert is a seven-foot, shot blocking machine.

Hibbert does most of his work down on the block, and rarely has highlight reel moments on offense.  It’s no surprise then that Hibbert would shun the summer league pro-am circuit.

Hibbert to my surprise, made a trip to San Antonio to get in some workouts with the big fundamental himself, Tim Duncan.

Hibbert said in late July that the plan was to work out with Duncan “for a week or two, probably in August.” As expected, he went into Duncan’s training grounds in San Antonio on Monday for a workout with fellow bigs.

How serious is Big Roy about soaking in all he could from Duncan, both on the court and in the weight room? Hibbert brought his strength coach, Mike Robertson, with him.

Hibbert greatly respects Duncan’s game and the two are close friends. They text often throughout the season, with Hibbert trying to absorb as much as he can from the future Hall of Famer.

Hibbert of course had to hop on Twitter and let folks know what he thinks of summer league pro-am’s.