D Wade’s Ex-Wife Willing to Give Up $5 Million, So She Can Bash Him Publicly


Siohvaughn Wade

It might be 20 years from now and Siohvaughn will still be filing court documents against D Wade. Some women tell me that the hurt she is feeling is something that she will never move past from.

I personally don’t think it is healthy to drag this out for years and have all the drama going back and forth. With that being said Siohvaughn wants her gag order remove so she can talk freely about Wade.

Dwyane and Siovaughn Funches wrapped up their bitter six-year divorce in July, after Wade agreed to provide a generous financial settlement ($5 Million). As part of the deal Funches agreed to a gag order, prohibiting her from talking smack about their relationship.

But Funches has now filed legal docs challenging the settlement, claiming she never agreed to several terms — including the gag order.

She wants a judge to nullify the agreement, which would force Wade back to the bargaining table.

As for the gag order, Funches says … if Wade is free to bash her in his book , she should have the same right to bash him.

$5 million wasn’t enough for Siohvaughn, so it looks like the reset button will be hit again on their divorce proceedings.


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