Ex-Redskins Fred Smoot Calls RG3 a Brat & Mike Shanahan “The Red Lobster”

NFL Preseason - Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans

Fred Smoot is never at a lost for words, so when he went on with Holden and Danny of 106.7 The Fan in DC, he didn’t hold his tongue on RG3 and Mike Shanahan.

“The Red Lobster and RGIII, they’re not compatible right now,” Smoot said, pretty much ensuring that nickname will stick. “And right now, you can’t have one without the other. I think one thing the Red Lobster has lost this locker room. I think him and RGIII, I don’t know if it’s a disrespect there, but they don’t respect each other like a coach and a quarterback should. And until you get a Cowher, a Gruden, not somebody that RG will bow down to, but he respects in a different way, I think we’re going to see the same back-and-forth arguing.”

“It’s about time somebody be honest,” Smoot said. “Sometimes RGIII can be a brat, alright? Because I’m watching these other quarterbacks and I’m watching how they compose themselves and the things they do. With Luck and Wilson, and it’s a different vibe. Sometimes I’m starting to think that RGIII is really really buying into the attention. But I tell anybody this. The NFL will humble you. And I think he’s going through that humbling process right now as we speak.”

I think Smoot is being a little dramatic, but he was the ringleader of the Vikings Boat Trip, so he probably had 5 Sweet Pea strippers waiting for him after his appearance.

I think RG3 and the Redskins will be fine.