Roddy White: Matt Ryan Needs Better Protection Next Season


Matt Ryan took a beating this season.

Ryan probably hasn’t been sacked or knocked around this much since his rookie season in Atlanta.  For Ryan and the Falcons, a season that started out towards a Super Bowl, crumbled under injuries and inconsistent play.

Throughout the whole season, Ryan refused to throw teammates and coaches under the bus, but according to, Roddy White will.

White told reporters that better protection for their franchise quarterback is a pressing need.

“Next year, that’s got to be something that we improve: We’ve got to keep our quarterback clean because he’s not going to make it,” White said. “You keep taking hits and hits and you’re not going to make it. We’re going to have to find ways to get him protected, keep him upright so he can do what he do and that’s make throws and win football games.”

Ryan was sacked a career-high 44 times this season. In Sunday’s 21-20 loss the Carolina Panthers, he was hit 14 times on top of being sacked nine times.

 “You know what? I feel good,” Ryan maintained concerning his health. “Knock on wood, at the end of the season, I’m healthy.
“We all have to improve, there’s no doubt about it. I have to play better. We have to play better up front. We have to play better on the outside.

3 thoughts on “Roddy White: Matt Ryan Needs Better Protection Next Season

  • Agreed! Ryan needs better protection. The O-line was pretty bad this season. Part of the problem was injuries, but also the GM traded a key player and then another retired. The Falcons don’t have a deep bench, so it doesn’t take much for things to break down when a few people get hurt.

  • I wholeheartly agree the O. Line has to be improved! The D. Line needs a TOP PASS RUSHER ALSO!! The RUNNING GAME also has to be IMPROVED!!! The main thing our FALCONS need is someone to take charge on the field and get all the others FIRED UP!! THEY NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE SHOW SOME ENTHUSIASIM!!! AND WHEN THEY GET A 14 PT, LEAD THEY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO HOLD ON TO THE LEAD!!!! THIS IS JUST MY THOUGHTS!! BIRDOGMIKE!!!

  • Roddy is right. Ryan or any QB needs time so his WR can get into his route while the QB reads the defense. That’s impossible when he’s getting hit over 40% of the time and having to throw short passes all day.

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