76ers Decision On Danny Granger Buyout Expected In Next 24 Hours

Pacers set a target date for Danny Granger's return.

I smell a buyout and  good riddance coming for Danny Granger.

Keith Pompey is reporting that the Philadephia 76ers are likely to have a resolution on Danny Granger’s buyout request sometime in the next 24 hours.

Granger of course has no interest in playing for Philadelphia, and isn’t even in the building for tonights ballgame.

“In the next short period of time, maybe even in the next 24 hours and announcement will be made on the direction our situation with Danny Granger will go,” (Sixers coach Brett) Brown said…

“He most definitely wants to play basketball this year,” Brown said. “He is assessing his goals at this stage of his career. He wants to play. I think he is just trying to sort out what is best for both parties and that has yet to be determined.”