Pelicans New Stadium Sponsor Smoothie King Has PEDs in Their Drinks


Smoothie King Center


The NBA’s drug tests are not strictly limited to players. Before the New Orleans Arena could officially be renamed the “Smoothie King Center,” as was announced Thursday (Feb. 6), the Metairie-based blended-fruit retailer underwent its own rigorous drug-testing regimen.

And it tested positive.

According to Rocky Gettys, Smoothie King’s vice president of product development, some of the retail products found on Smoothie King’s shelves were found to contain substances on the NBA’s prohibited list. The substances included two steroid hormones: dehydroepiandrosterone, commonly known as DHEA, and androstenedione, made famous by home run king Mark McGwire, who said he took the over-the-counter muscle enhancer before it was banned by Major League Baseball in 2004.  

The Smoothies in questions have allegedly been pulled from the Smoothie King’s menu according to, but if Anthony Davis ever has a positive test, we know why.