Jackie Christie’s Daughter Says Ex-BF Orlando Scandrick is Gay



According to Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick didn’t dump her for Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michelle. Instead she dumped him because Scandrick likes to go both ways.

Via UrbanBelleMag:


Chantel and Draya have been twitter beefing for months so I find it odd that Scandrick is gay all of a sudden. She sounds like a bitter woman spreading lies about a man’s sexuality because she got dumped. This type of thing is starting to happen way too often. Women need to learn to take their L’s and stop spreading lies just because somebody doesn’t want them.

9 thoughts on “Jackie Christie’s Daughter Says Ex-BF Orlando Scandrick is Gay

  • Why everytime a black women gets dumped by a man they always stream hes gay? I mean I’ve heard it so much and I just feel like its vary childish.

    • If you think only black women do this you need to open your eyes a little better but I agree it is childish.

  • Until Shantel gets her own man she will continue to be a bitter bird. She is mad that Draya’s
    Man didn’t want her so now she wants Draya to dump him. Not going to happen…. Lol

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