Boomer Esiason Disagrees With Athletes Taking Paternity Leave

Boomer Esiason and Sydney

This is a personal decision that the player has to make.

Mets Daniel Murphy took a couple of days off to be with his wife and newborn son. I have no issue with that and it is his legal right, but Boomer Esiason says that is something he would never do according to TMZ.

Boomer acknowledged that Murphy has a legal right to miss work — but says, “Bottom line, that’s not me. I wouldn’t do that.”

“Quite frankly I woulda said C-section before the season starts, I need to be at Opening Day. I’m sorry.”

Boomer continued, “This is what makes our money, this is how we’re gonna live our life. This is gonna give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I’ll be able to afford any college I wanna send my kid to because I’m a baseball player.”

I don’t think 2 games is going to make a difference in being able to send his kid to college, plus Baseball is different than football. It isn’t 16 games, it is 162. Even if you wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean Murphy was wrong in doing it.

Only can witness the birth of your child once, so many don’t want to miss it.