Churchill Downs Overpaid Wes Welker $15k on Derby Bet; Wants $$ Back



Now we know why Welker was handing out $100 bills like Mr. Burns. TMZ has the details.

Wes personally placed a number of bets on the Derby on May 3rd — AND HIT BIG. Sources tell us Welker sent a friend to collect his winnings — and that person was paid out $57,193.90 at the cashier’s window.

Wes was so pumped, he started handing out $100 bills to random strangers.

But we’ve learned … officials at the track believe there was an error at the window DURING the moments Welker’s ticket was being paid out … (we’re told it was computer malfunction compounded by human error) … and the result was Wes being overpaid to the tune of $14,858.55.

A rep for Churchill Downs confirms … “There was a $14 thousand dollar overpayment due to a tote machine malfunction.”

I feel like since it was Churchill Downs mistake, Welker shouldn’t have to pay it back, but there is some fine print that says he has to.

What would Mr. Burns do?