Marshall Henderson Says ESPN Coverage of Sam is “Nasty Sh*t”


Marshall Henderson returns.

There are situations where it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself. I’m looking at you Marshall Henderson. Just because you can tweet something out, doesn’t mean you should. We are starting to see athletes get themselves into trouble for their comments about Michael Sam and we might have the next one who will be forced into an apology:

The former Ole Miss point guard needs to smarten up. He has the right to turn from ESPN though if he wants. No one is forcing him to watch it.

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  1. People thinking they can become famous by being gay is dangerous for the youth. When I see something and instinctually I am repulsed by it I know it isn’t normal. There’s not a sane person who thinks watching two men kiss is ok. It is a perversion. Yes, they should be treated equally and without discrimination but it’s disgusting.

  2. @freezer…listen you troll, why do sick things try to talk everyone into agreeing with you and if not then we are bigots? I would have to say to your type of people who throw out the word bigot to look in the mirror. And look up the meaning of the word before you use it.

  3. @Freezer I’m actually quite libertarian about marriage. If gays want to marry I don’t care as long as they’re adults and it’s consensual. Same with polygamy.
    Having said that people like you and the d-bag who wrote this article who want to act like they’re everyone’s moral superior while at the same time claiming that people are bigots b/c they have different morals than you do make me sick.

    • I’m just amused at some many (alleged) adults pearl clutching over two men kissing on live TV. From you guys reactions, Sam bent his boyfriend over the couch and went at it there and then.

      I wonder if any of you would be complaining about “that disgusting act” if this were the WNBA draft and a draftee kissed her girlfriend? (Gay is gay, right? RIGHT?)

  4. Turn off espn if you don’t want to see that? Mr. Smith, are you really that stupid or does it just come natural? Who expects to see 2 men kissing on espn. Families should not have to explain to their young children about why 2 men or 2 women are kissing on tv. Yes, you can control what you and your children watch, but espn, really! Just waiting for the first athlete to come out as being married to multiple people. Will the commissioner and president call them and tell them how proud they are of them?

    • “Will the commissioner and president call them and tell them how proud they are of them?”

      Only if it helps their poll numbers or ratings. Same as this situation. It was never about being gay, it’s always about the $$$

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