Report: Pacers, Lakers Interested In PG Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry June 2014

Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry will be highly coveted during this summer’s free agency period as he will become an unrestricted one.

The main rumors surrounding Lowry have been linked with the Miami Heat, who are in need of a point guard like him. Of course, Miami will have to convince Lowry to take a pay cut other than the big money he could pursue in July.

But according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star, another contender in the Indiana Pacers also have interest as well a s the Los Angeles Lakers.

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for the process to start, for the leaks about free agents to start hitting the interwebs and there is this to add: It’s going to happen a lot in the next three weeks or so. Of course there should be Heat interest in Lowry, they need a point guard, he’s the best free agent at that position who is going to be available and why wouldn’t they start sniffing around. I am sure there is interest in Lowry from the Indiana Pacers (I think he’d be an upgrade over George Hill), I would imagine the Los Angeles Lakers would take a look, too.

Besides the Miami, Indy and LA, Lowry also has been receiving interest from the likes of the Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic. Both of those teams may not be contenders, but they have the ability of offering Lowry big money that the other three teams don’t.

Lowry will have a big decision to make this summer. He also has the option of staying in Toronto, too.