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Floyd Says He’ll Fight Pac If He Signs With Mayweather Promotions (Video)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
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I tried to warn you guys not to get your hopes up. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is unlikely to ever happen. BSO’s Kel Dansby is at the Mayweather Boxing Gym for Mayweather’s media workout. Mayweather was asked about the Pacquiao fight and here is what he had to say.

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  1. Hopi3proud says:

    Lousyweather is a sissylala wuss!

  2. Adelso says:

    I think we are all fed up with this nonsense. No wonder why boxing is where it is today. Boxer/promoters are weakening the sport. We the fans/supporters are also to blame for this nonsense. If we all denied our hard earned money to these idiots, unless they gave us what we wanted non of this “sign with me for this fight” would even exist. I miss the good old days, when men faced men. I think the winner should take the biggest cut.

    • Aaron says:

      Great comment, I started denying them my money a few years ago, I went from buying 6-10 PPV events a year to setting an alarm and downloading them free early the next morning…..Floyd will fight Pacquiao, I predict after a “retirement” and it’s still years away. Even a far from his peak Pacquiao frightens little Floyd. I bet Beiber wouldn’t even duck Pac!

  3. mike huerta says:

    There goes mayweather again making demands! This should leave no doubt he is a control freak! Everything has to be his way or the highway! Little diva sissy!!

  4. bigdill says:

    Im sorry everybody, but it’s official now. I didn’t reallt want to believe it, but Floyd is ducking Manny. :(

  5. Mayweather is too much excuse. Showing he is coward.
    Why he needs manny to sign to his promotion. He knew that manny
    has signed already a contract. If its about the money he can deal it
    without manny signing contract with his promotion. If im manny
    forget this mega fight.

  6. nam says:

    It took you 6 years to realize this coward is a coward? YOU STUPID!! APOLOGIZE to Pacfans who have been the smart ones all along! It is you who cause the fight not to happen by refusing to recognize Mayweather was the coward. It was you who played the fenced and acted like they both were at fault when it was Mayweather all along. It’s you who for the pass 6 years, helped Mayweather avoid Pacman by buying his fights and not boycotting them. It was you all along who insulted anyone who saw through Mayweather’s cowardice all along. It will be you who will help Mayweather avoid Pacman once again when you watch his fight next week. It’s you motherfucker, it’s you! Dumb fuck now shut the fuck up and stop destroying boxing and let those who can take GAYWEATHER DOWN take him the fuck down!!

  7. Adam says:

    Although I’m a fan of Mayweather, I can’t deny that he is avoiding a fight with Manny. But Manny is also at fault, he only speaks Floyds name to build up his own fights, I bet that Pac will be silent about the bout as soon also as his event is finished. I believe boxing is on the rise despite stupidity like this. I also believe that boxing will be a more exciting place when Floyd Mayweather retires.

    • Jon says:

      adam, pacquiao has always said he wants to fight floyd, youre just hearing more of it because of the press tour he and algieri are doing. also he’s being asked a lot about floyd mayweather, so of course he has to answer. pacquiao before the tim bradley fight 2 was ever signed, pacquiao challenged floyd and called him out. and pacquiao in post fight conferences say he’s willing to fight floyd.

    • toto says:

      good for you admitting that your idol Mayweather avoiding a fight with Manny.
      your idol has a lot of demand always.

  8. Gabriel says:

    I’ve been saying all along that gayweather is scared $h!tle$$ of Manny!!! This should just make it easier for everyone to recognize it, including dumb gayweather fans, that gayweather has been ducking Manny all this time.

  9. Junie says:

    Lmaooooooo @ all of you acting like this is new, he been saying this since 2010. He’s not a coward he’s just not gonna pay mannys debt and no $$$$$ for bob arum.

    • Ed says:

      Yet another excuse from Floyd’s flomos. Everybody has debt. WTF does that have to do with anything? It’s a contact sport based on challenging the BEST, not about challenging someone who is not in debt. Frigging knucklehead.

  10. floyd mayweather, jr. says:

    @junie. faynali I hev a fan! yo rite men. I em nat afreid of dat idiyot midyet manki. wel u nuo, ahhh,……. ahhh ……… well,,,,,……… manny is good. yeah, yeah. jaz gimme da best of the kcrap, ay beet u oul. eksep… ahhhh…… u nuo,. ahhhhaaaaahhh……u nuo,…..ahhhh

  11. Kenneth Camargo says:

    this is a load of crap I’m a Mayweather fan from here on out I’m done being a fan I’m never going to pay again to watch the fight. I watch boxing to see the good fights when they started didn’t have anything they would fight their ass off. And fight anybody to get to the top, on the top there bicking over money. Pacquiao I have respect for who gave Manuel Marquez multiple fights. he got knocked out on one of them but took it like a man. and gave manual his respect not only for losing other fights but not giving up until he won that is to me is why I love boxing. This is why I watch UFC. Im Done

  12. Amir Kahn says:

    I don’t believe him.

  13. Manue Campos says:

    Hes a coward Mayweather he definately dont want to see Pacman he been running and still running. Sign with mayweather prod get the f@$k out of here you know that aint happeningcoward just admit it you scared chump..I mean Manuel Campos Austin Texas

  14. Peter says:

    Should Manny sign, May’s new excuse would be, “I don’t fight my own fighters”…

  15. boxmeister says:

    Floyd May weather Jr is not a fighter but a coward con artist ready to rip off hard core boxing fans. This fact was already out there many years back but many morons are still in awe and believing in his lousy chicken excuses and antics. Keep making him rich and be fooled at the same time. He always get the last laugh. He is destroying the sport but some still are in self denials. Gone is the real best who fights the best. The Maidana fight is fixed…so if you want to get ripped off again and again buy his PPV and watch another heist of your hard earned bucks.

  16. Nanz says:

    bwahaha… he shoud be declared persona non-grata in the boxing world. He only cares for the money. He doesn’t care for patrons and millions of fans of the sport. Gayweather it is.

  17. Chris Sissy says:

    Sissyweather will never fight Pacquiao nor will never run out of alibi.

  18. TruthBeTold says:

    Floyd is obviously ducking. But I think he’s not afraid of Manny, it’s just that there’s too much at stake if he loses. He gets his first L on his record and it’s gonna go downhill from there I’m pretty sure. His false bravado depends entirely on having a perfect score that when he actually loses he will stop believing his own lies. He said it himself; when a fighter loses he will lose again because he’s experienced it already. That is his truth that he fears the most. He’s so attached to his fame that he fears the idea of one night with a guy who has a better chance among anyone else to take all his hard earned fame away from him. One time Manny confessed to Stephen A. Smith that when they talked on the phone Floyd argued that Manny will still be a Congressman win or lose and continued that he fears losing because if he does he will lose everything since the only thing he has is his perfect record. Sounds to me like he was trying to get the upper hand on a deal because his argument was that he has more to lose than Manny.

  19. NOMORE says:

    That is IT! That is the last straw! I’ve had it with your ducking! I can’t follow a champ who OBVIOUSLY ducks another fighter. Pacroid is easy money for you but you keep on ducking! That is just blatant BS! Might as well just retire already and learn how to read while you still can, I’m done.

  20. TMT4Lyf says:

    your a fake floyd fan then pacroid is the one ducking #TBE

  21. antoniolanc4 says:

    the boxing commsion should step in, dont let promoters dictate who they fight , or cherry pick they should make these boxers fight the number one contenders if they don’t agree strip them of there boxing license, boxing is not for cowards and at that one who claims he is the best, prove your the best.

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