JPP Expected to Have More Surgeries on Mangled Hand

JPPJacked Up Hand

It’s almost a miracle that Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul even made it back to the field this season. After the terrifying news of him nearly blowing off his hand during a 4th of July accident, Pierre-Paul was able to make it on the field and finish the season without any additional injuries but more hand surgeries are expected for him.

Pierre-Paul said that having one or more operations this off-season was always a part of the plan. He hopes only one surgery is needed but it was put off so that he could return to field back during Week 9.

With surgery expected for Pierre-Paul, according to, he is hopeful that he can play next season without the club he has been wearing on his hand.

“On film, you can see the club is preventing me from¬†making tackles. People see it, I see it, and once I can move away from the club, I’ll be perfectly fine.”

Pierre-Paul turns 27 on Friday and is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Although he would like to re-sign with Giants, simply getting back on the field this season will serve as huge leverage for him.

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