Cop Who Was Not Charged For Killing a Black Man in 2015, Won’t Be Charged For Shooting & Paralyzing Black Man in 2016 (Video)


Officer Lucas Jones is either extremely unlucky to have been in two situations where he allegedly feared for his life or he knows he can get away with murdering black men, so he keeps doing it.

Let’s look at both of the cases and you tell me who is the real criminal.

Officer Lucas Jones and Officer Bryson Garringer were cleared in the killing of 21-year-old Jonathan Gossman. Officer Jones and Officer Garringer responded to a stopped vehicle that escalated to a foot chase. The officer’s dog, Bane, bit the suspect on the left arm and started to pull Gossman to the ground and to his left. At this time Officer Garringer saw a black handgun and immediately yelled “Jesus Gun”, according to the DCI report which is posted online here. Keep in mind as all of this is happening they are only four to five feet away from Gossman.

Officer Garringer reported that he noticed a gun in the Gossman’s hand as his dog was taking him down, he then reported seeing a flash and hearing a clap which he believed was Gossman firing at him. Officer Lucas Jones who claims to be three to four feet away, sees his fellow officer fall to the ground after he yells “Jesus gun” and thinks his partner has been shot then takes out his .40 caliber Glock and shoots 16 times at Gossman while Officer Garringer shot his weapon nine times. I must point out that the DCI Report states on page 4 paragraph 6, “Even though Officer Garringer reported seeing a flash and hearing a loud clap there was no physical evidence discovered by investigators that Gossman had fired his weapon”. An Autopsy had been completed on Gossman the next day by the Iowa State Medical Examiner in Ankeny, Iowa. The Medical Examiner concluded that Gossman died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head, neck, and upper thorax.

One thing should also be noted the gun that Gossman had wasn’t in working condition and there couldn’t have been fired, so there is no way they could have seen a flash or heard a clap.

They were giving a medal for killing Gossman.

The latest case has left a man paralyzed.

Authorities have not said why Jones pulled over Mitchell near the Coe College campus early Nov. 1. They have said that an altercation between the two ensued and that Jones fired his service weapon, striking Mitchell in the neck. Apparently still in the driver’s seat, the wounded Mitchell then hit the accelerator and his car drove into other vehicles. He was later taken to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in critical condition.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department has declined to release dashcam video from Jones’ car at Vander Sanden’s request. But the department has promised to make it public once the investigation concludes.

A white police officer will not be charged in a shooting that left an unarmed black motorist paralyzed and sparked protests in Iowa’s second largest city, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden announced at a news conference that a grand jury declined to return an indictment against Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones in the Nov. 1 shooting of Jerime Mitchell. It is the second time in one year that Vander Sanden’s office has declined to charge Jones after he used deadly force.

Mitchell who is just recovering from his injuries and will never be able to walk again, wasn’t allowed to tell his part of the story before it went to grand jury.

That tells you where the DA stands with this.

Jones was caught on tape pulling over men for driving while black.

Here he is in pulling over a guy for an alleged mismatch registration, when he sees he is being record all of sudden the registrations matches.

If you are in Cedar Rapids please avoid Office Jones at all costs.

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