Antonio Brown on GOD Calling Him and Telling Him to Leave His IG Model & Go Back to Pregnant Baby Mama (Photos)

Antonio Brown has four kids, two by the woman on the right Chelsie Kyriss.

Kyriss who is pregnant with Brown’s 5th child (it’s a boy) was not pleased by Brown hanging out with IG model Jena Frumes and lashed out on social media.

I am not sure if it was the blowback from that or Brown just wanted to smash Frumes before coming back home, but whatever the case, AB says he got a call from GOD that led him to come back to Kyriss.

If you want to see some photos Jena Crumes the woman the IG Model he left (she has deleted him off her page & you should want to see these pics), why Kyriss was so upset on IG, AB saying God called him and Frumes being upset he just used her for sex and to make his baby mama mad, just flip the pages…