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I was getting my twitter on ( when this was brought to my attention.

The story is from and it spotlights the 25 Richest Athletes that went broke. Some of the list is predictable with the likes Mike Tyson, Travis Henry & Evander Holyfield on it. Then there are some surprises like Bjorn Borg and Sheryl Swoops.

People a lot of times are shocked when they hear an athlete has blown through 5, 10, 100 million dollars. I am never surprised and I am going to explain to you why.


I was simply crushed when Mike Tyson's daughter Exodus had to be taken off life support and passed away a couple of weeks ago. Having a young daughter myself I could not imagine what type of trauma and hurt Mike was going through. Add on to the fact a lot of the media reporting the story did the unthinkable in including things about Mike's past that had no bearing to the tragedy at hand. You never get over something like that, but I was hoping Mike somehow some way was able to deal with it.

Mike Tyson is such a fascinating person that I find it amazing that he has even lived to be 42 years old. When I went and saw "The Hangover" (best comedy in years by the way) and there was Mike acting and acting well (his scenes are classics) I was thinking to myself I would have never imagine Mike doing this if you asked me five years ago.

Mike Tyson with daughter Rayna and youngest daughter at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of 'Tyson.'

For any parent there is nothing worse, short of death, than a child hurt or in danger. Imagine Mike Tyson's anguish at hearing the news that his 4 year old daughter,Exodus, is now seriously critical in St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. The boxer-actor most notable for his various heavyweight titles,troubled marriage to actress,Robin Givens and rape scandal involving Rhode Island beauty queen, Desiree Washington recently acquired new found fame in his critically acclaimed documentary, Tyson, a no holds barred look at Tyson's troubled childhood and rise to world heavyweight fame by director,James Toback.

According to sources, the precocious little girl was watching TV with her 7 year old brother when she became entangled in a cord attached to the family's treadmill. The little boy found her with the cord around her neck after being sent by their mom to find her. The mother who had been cleaning in another room tried to revive Exodus while waiting for the ambulance to arrive after calling 911. Originally she reported the 'tragic accident' as an electrocution before changing it to a hanging.

I always tell people that Mike Tyson is probably the most misunderstood athlete of our time.

Any interview with him is fascinating and this is no different. From biting ears to being humble this is a must view.


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