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Tom Cable Domestic Abuser? Are We Talking About Fiction or Fact?

What we talkin’ bout Cuz I ain’t got time
For what people be talkin’ bout all the time
What we talkin’ bout fiction Or we talkin bout fact
You talkin’ bout fiction? Hold up pardon my back

Jay Z “What We Talking About”

In regards to Tom Cable history of violence and domestic abuse here is the one fact that we know. Cable did hit his first wife twenty years ago. That is a fact. Cable has admitted to that. That makes him a domestic abuser. Doesn’t matter if it was twenty years ago or two days ago. If you put your hands on a woman there is never any excuse for that.

With that being said if you took everyone in the NFL and combed over the last twenty years of their life I am sure you are going to find a lot of skeletons in their closet. So unless you yourself don’t have any skeletons in your closet, be real careful before you throw that first stone.

Tom Cable was not charged with the assault on Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson, but because of that media attention an “Outside the Lines” about Cable alleged history of violence isn’t surprising.

ESPN has interviewed both Tom Cable’s ex wife Sandy Cable who he admitted to hitting and a former girlfriend Marie Lutz who also claims that Cable had been abusive to her.

Don’t be naïve the timing of this is purely for ratings and for those ratings to spike they have to paint Cable as the bad guy. It is media 101 and standard operation for ESPN these days.

Before any facts are presented the network has to paint someone with the black hat and sway the public opinion. At this point they are more like a “political” sports network. They are playing on the emotionsl of battered women. The truth, well that doesn’t really matter.

So what is the truth? That is where fans as a whole make a huge mistake they take opinions as facts. They let the media force their opinion on them and don’t see the situation for what it really is.

Here are the facts:

1- Cable hit his 1st wife twenty years go.

2- Cable’s 2nd wife claimed abuse while going through the divorce, but now claims there was no violence. It should be noted that she gets support payments from Cable.

3- Cable’s girlfriend claimed multiple incidents of abuse including being slapped in a restaurant. There was an incident at Cable’s home where Miss Lutz claimed he was abusive. She did not press charges. Cable’s current wife claimed that Miss Lutz promised to destroy his career.

4- Cable’s current wife says no history of violence while they have been together.

5- Cable was not charge in the case against Randy Hanson.

Concerning the incident at Cable’s house here are the two versions of events:

From Miss Lutz:

Last Jan. 6, Lutz said she came to Cable’s house early in the morning and found another woman there. According to a police report from Alameda, Calif., Lutz became “very upset” and “demanded to meet the woman.” Lutz told police that after an altercation, Cable “grabbed her by the left arm, causing her to fall to the ground” and “eventually pick[ed] her up and pushed her out the front door.”

Here is Tom Cable’s current wife version of events:

“When Tom opened the door, Ms. Lutz told him she needed to talk to him, that she needed his help, and begged him to let her into the house,” the statement said. “After she entered the house, the two of them had a verbal exchange. At no time did Tom commit any act of violence toward her. After not getting what she wanted from Tom, Ms. Lutz screamed at Tom ‘I am going to ruin your [expletive deleted] life and I am going to ruin your [expletive deleted] career if it is the last thing I ever do.’ ”

Those are the facts. Take that information and make an informed opinion. Don’t jump to conclusions just because Chris Berman is trying to make you believe it, you are smarter than that.

My readers are smarter than that.

Like Jay Z said:

What we talkin’ bout fiction or we talkin bout fact?