Floyd Mayweather Agrees To Fight Terms..Ball in Manny Pacquiao’s Court Now – BlackSportsOnline
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Floyd Mayweather Agrees To Fight Terms..Ball in Manny Pacquiao’s Court Now

A lot of people give Floyd Mayweather a hard time about allegedly ducking fighters, but there is no question Floyd from the beginning has been pushing for the fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Mayweather has agreed to all of the fight contract terms and currently Bob Arum is on his way to the Manila, Philippines, to finalize a deal with Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has been the one throwing snags in negotiations when he decided to run for a congressional seat in the Philippines killing a proposed May 1st date for the fight.

The Pacquiao camp said they were going to fight with or without Mayweather as an opponent on March 13th of 2010.

Mayweather realizing that regardless if it was his fault or not he would be blamed if the fight fell through decided to accept the March 13th date.

There is no question now that if the fight doesn’t happen in March it was Pacquiao not Mayweather who didn’t want it to happen.

The three locations being discussed for the fight are Dallas, Vegas and New Orleans.  When and if Pacquiao signs off on it the promoters will beging taking bids on the location.

Simply put Mayweather didn’t want to take a chance of Pacquiao losing or getting hurt by taking a “tune up” fight so he put the ball in Pacquiao’s court.

Speculation is there will be an 80 million purse to be split 50/50 between the fighters if Pacquiao agree to terms.