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The Greatness That Is Gus Johnson: “He’s in Shape”

Being in sports media is like getting married to your high school sweetheart.  It was love at first sight.  It was true love.  It is a love that is going to last for eternity.

But like any marriage it gets a little stale after a while.  The love is still there, but you get a little bored from time to time.  It almost becomes like a “job”.

When your sports marriage is on the rocks, there is only one marriage counselor you need to see:


Gus is the equivalent of your wife taking a secret trip to Victoria Secrets and walking into the Bedroom with this on:

He is the best play by play person in Basketball, Football, MMA and Boxing hands down point blank period.

Name me any broadcaster who has ever been the #1 trending topic on Twitter?

Ask anyone who watched the Xavier vs. Kansas St. game what made it so special?

CBS are you listening?

For whatever reason CBS sticks Gus Johnson on the worst NFL games and refuses to let him call the Final Four.

Jim Nantz is not trending on twitter.

Clark Kellogg is trying so hard to be Gus Johnson people actually think Kellogg is on drugs.  When other announcers are trying so hard to be you it appears to the public they are on crack that speaks to your greatness.

“The Baby Face Assassin is alive and stroking it”.

Come on man we are watching Jordan in his prime and his name is Gus Johnson.  You have to check out the Gus Johnson’s Soundboard for hours of enjoyment.

I was watching Xavier vs. Kansas St. with my 6 years old daughter (affectionately known as “The Lil Princess”).

When Jacob Pullen buries the three from the top of the key, she and I are going crazy.  Gus Johnson comes with the classic line:

“He’s in shape”.

My daughter starts yelling out:

“He’s in shape daddy, he’s in shape”.

Almost moved me to tears, when she woke up this morning after asking from some honey nut cheerios she simply says:

“Daddy can we watch another “Goose” Johnson game tonight that was fun.”

Yes it was sweetie, yes it was.