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Live From NYC: Robert Littal At The Gatorade G Series Pro Product Launch

For the launch of the new G Series Pro product line, Gatorade held a cool get-together in Soho on Tuesday that highlighted the 24/7 athlete lifestyle.  Guests included New York Giants QB, Eli Manning, and New York Jets RB, LaDainian Tomlinson (Diddy was there, too).  The sports nutrition leader is releasing G Series Pro to the public after years of only being available to college and pro athletes.  The line is designed for elite athletes before, during, and after practice or competition and will be available at GNC stores nationwide starting May 1st.

I had the privilege of attending this prestigious event and had an opportunity to speak with both Eli Manning and LaDainian Tomlinson about the upcoming season and the new Gatorade product.

RL: The Giants and Cowboys have been pretty quiet this offseason while the Redskins and Eagles have made major moves, with the biggest move being the trade of Donovan McNabb.  How do you think that will affect the division?

Eli Manning: I never thought that the Eagles would trade Donovan, but if they were I was hoping it would be far away from the division.  I think now you have four teams that are all capable of winning the division, but we are satisfied with our team and think we can compete with any team in the league.

RL: How excited are you to be moving into the new stadium?

Eli: Just like anything new, a car or something you buy, you just can’t wait to try it out.  I think that is the most exciting thing, just getting out on the field for the first time.  Opening day is going to be amazing.

RL: Starting next season, it will be three years since you won the Super Bowl; as your brother found out, it is hard enough getting back, but even harder to win a second title.  How do the Giants work their way back up to the top after such a disappointing end to the season last year?

Eli: I think we need to be consistent from Week 1 to Week 16.  We need to stay healthy, but not use injuries as an excuse.  I think we have a very good team and if we can be consistent once again, we can compete with anyone in the league.

RL: Tell us what you think about the new G Series product?

Eli: Staying on that injury theme, a lot of injuries can be prevented if you are making sure you take care of your body; this new product is all about that.  From the beginning of the workout to the end, Gatorade has you covered and is now sharing that with not just athletes, but also with everyone.  I think it’s a great thing.

RL: Thanks for your time Eli, good luck with the upcoming season.

Eli: No problem.

RL: The #1 question everyone has, LT, is do you still have a 1500 yard, 10-15 TD season in you?  To be perfectly honest, I feel that coming to the Jets and sharing carries with a young guy like Shonn Greene could be beneficial for your career.

LaDainian Tomlinson: I know my role with the Jets is to be a mentor to and share carries with Shonn Greene, and I am going to embrace that role, but as a competitor I still think I can be the same guy who had 1800 yards and 30 TDs.

RL: I have heard you say that coming to New York is a breath of fresh air and you’re looking forward to a fresh start; could you expound on that a little bit?

LT: Change is not always bad; sometimes you need a change to recharge your batteries.  Coming to the Jets, I feel re-energized.

RL: Aside from yourself, the Jets have added some big names to their roster this offseason, the latest being Santonio Holmes.  How do you see the offense shaping up?

LT: I think we are going to be explosive.  With Mark Sanchez having another year under his belt, Braylon and Santonio at wide receiver, me and Shonn at running back, and not to mention Dustin Keller at tight end, it’s going to be pick your poison because you can’t stop all of us.

RL: Tell us a little bit about what you think of the new Gatorade product?

LT: Almost all athletes drink Gatorade because they are cutting-edge; this is no different, this is a cutting-edge product and I look forward to adding it to my work regime.

RL: Thanks for taking the time, LT.

LT: No problem, have fun at the rest of the party.

Here’s some more information about the new Gatorade G Series Pro:

I would also like to take the time out to thank Gatorade for inviting me to this wonderful event, as well as the lovely Christina Rice of LuxeLife Media Inc (She is the best marketing and PR person in the world; you should ask about her or you can follow her on Twitter).

Once again, Gatorade shows that they are one step ahead of the game, and while you might not be able to throw a 50-yard touchdown pass or stiff-arm a defender like Eli and LT, you can now train like them.  When this product hits stores I know I will be one of the first at the door.