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Audio: Magic Guard Matt Barnes Is Not Pleased With The “Basketball Wives”

Five minutes into watching the first episode of the VH1 Reality Show “Basketball Wives” (or “Widows,” if you believe Chris Douglas Roberts) I tweeted this:

“Mark The Tweet: The first unintentional causality of this show will be Matt Barnes”

They don’t call me “Robstadamous” for nothing.

Barnes appeared on the Jim Rome show (Littal Fact: I am a long time “Clone”) and appeared less than pleased when Rome asked him about the show.  You can hear the audio below.

Obviously he and his fiancee’ Gloria Govan were duped into believing the show was going to be positive or something.  I guess they have never seen Flavor of Love or whatever Tila Tequila was doing on there.

If it’s a VH1 reality show it’s probably going to be a train wreck, and the reason is simple: train wrecks get good ratings.  From what I can gather, the ratings for “Basketball Wives” are excellent so that should tell you that a whole Amtrak station has collapsed.

I haven’t watched since episode one, even though I heard Eric Williams (who is shockingly really married to one of these ladies) eats a mean rib and tells his wife if she doesn’t like his lifestyle to beat it (Jocks & Stiletto Jill has a nice recap of that you watch and read here).

Matt Barnes should have known better and even if he didn’t, Dwight Howard should have pulled him aside and said:


I am pretty sure Barnes is upset because a lot of his groupies have popped up and are trying to break up his relationship, but he should have known that if his lady was going to go on TV and say that he doesn’t cheat (when we all know 99.8% of athletes cheat) there would be repercussions from that.

Once again, in the immortal words of Jay Z:


Just for the hell of it, here’s Royce dancing.