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Phil Jackson to leave Lakers after this season?

The rumor is that Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson will not be returning to coach the team next year.  The 10-time NBA champion coach would cost 12 million dollars next year.  Now we all know that once Dr. Buss doesn’t feel like paying you anymore, he is not shy about letting you out the door.  Just ask Shaq about that. 

Where this takes a turn into soap opera territory is that Jeanie Buss, Phil’s longtime girlfriend and daughter of owner Jerry Buss, says he is not ready to end his coaching career.  She says that Phil just isn’t ready to “mentally” leave coaching.  Whatever that means.

We all know that when the time comes for Phil to leave the Lakers, it will end badly.  Dating the boss’ daughter takes real pimp focus but it is always a tricky situation.  This whole “get paid 12 mil to coach the premier franchise in the NBA while breaking lamps with the boss’ daughter” dream situation has got to end sometime.  Will it be after this season?  Maybe.  If it does though, in the words of T.O. “get your popcorn ready!”