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Video: Glen “Big Baby” Davis Got Zab Judah by Dwight Howard’s Elbow

The thing about sports fans — a lot of times, our minds are linked together like the Matrix.  When we see things, we all have the same reaction.  When Big Baby Davis first went down in the video, you didn’t know what caused it to happen (replay showed he took a Dwight Howard elbow flush to the jaw).

But as he got up, wobbly, two things came to mind.  First, he looked like a boxer who just caught a big right hand, and secondly:


Since I was on Twitter at the time, I tweeted this statement and immediately 100’s of my followers said they thought the exact same thing.  Unless you are a boxing fan, you may have never heard of Zab Judah, so let me give you a little background.

He was a talented boxer that came out of New York, he was supposed to be Floyd Mayweather, Jr. before Mayweather was Mayweather, if you understand what I am saying.  He was on the fast track; he even had a big fan in Jay-Z and used to wear Rocawear gear into the ring.  Everything was going lovely… until he came up against a pretty unknown international fighter, Kostya Tszyu.

It was supposed to be a steppingstone fight for Judah.  Judah dominated the first round, but the second round has become the stuff of legend, just watch.

The Zab Judah Dance was born that night.

So anytime someone is a bit wobbly, people like to say he was “Zab Judah’ed”.  Judah, by the way, has never been the same since and is now a journeyman fighter, fighting bums after he lost all his most important fights over the years.

We hope Big Baby is okay, because in retrospect it was a vicious, even if unintentional, blow by Howard.