Pics: Kim Kardashian “White Jumpsuit” At BullRun Rally in NYC..Well Damn!! – BlackSportsOnline
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Pics: Kim Kardashian “White Jumpsuit” At BullRun Rally in NYC..Well Damn!!

I have been told by my “sources” (getting my Stephen A. on) that Kim Kardashian was very disappointed at being taken down from the BSO Banner.

Obvisouly she is trying to make me jealous by dating Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin, but since I am not a “moist dude” I have ignored her advances, so she is trying to step up her game.

She showed up in NYC this weekend for the BullRun Rally looking like she is trying to get a part in a Charlie’s Angels movie.

Here are some details:

The reality TV star poured herself into a body-hugging white jump suit to kick off the 2010 Bullrun Live Rally at Pier 54 on Saturday.

Despite the bevy of high-end luxury rally cars around Kardashian, all eyes were on the official flag girl as she waved a green flag to kick off the event and her chest threatened to heave out of the flimsy zipper holding her suit together.

The rally is an annual event, filmed for the TV show “Cops, Cars & Superstars,” in which one hundred of the world’s hottest cars embark on an eight-day race that ends in Las Vegas.

There is currently an internal debate within the infrastructure of the BSO Empire (that is basically just me thinking to myself) of replacing Amber Rose with Kim Kardashian on the header.  The ladies of BSO have been giving me push back (I could always go with Vanessa Bryant), so it is still under review.  I will keep you updated, but enjoy the rest of the pics.

FYI, Kimmy can wave my flag whenever she likes as long as she called first, I am a busy man.