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Video..Michael Vick: “There Shouldn’t Have Been A Party”

It appears to me that Michael Vick knows some of his decisions are a bit suspect at best.

If you watch the video, he even acknowledges that he isn’t being treated “unfairly” by the media and that these “parties” shouldn’t be taking place.

He needs to clean that up a bit, be more careful about who he allows to put his name on promotional material, because now anything he is associated with will be scrutinized, fairly or unfairly.

Even in this article from, they start to question why his name in being used to promote a golf event.

Upon further review, the majority of the profits from that event are going to charity.

I think it is very slippery slope; you have to let the man live.  There is nothing wrong with attaching your name to events, just be more selective about the events you are being attached to.  Tighten up that inner circle and don’t put yourself into bad situations.

Simply put, if you have to ask yourself:

“Should I be doing this?”

You probably shouldn’t.