Albert Haynesworth on Silvia Mena: “I’m Not in Love With a Stripper” – BlackSportsOnline
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Albert Haynesworth on Silvia Mena: “I’m Not in Love With a Stripper”

Considering Haynesworth has a lot of time on his hands since he is not practing and what not, he can concentrate on more important things like dealing with the 10 million lawsuit file by stripper Silvia Mena.

Miss Mena claims that Haynesworth met her at the Super Bowl in Miami and after a couple of months knocked her and she is ready to get paid.

$10 million in pre child support might sound ludicrous to you and I, but in 2010 this is pretty normal attention whoring.   Haynesworth and his lawyers are fighting back here is what they had to say to

As we previously reported, the woman had filed a lawsuit against the Washington Redskins star — saying Albert refused to “emotionally and financially support” her after allegedly knocking her up during Super Bowl week in Miami back in February. She wants $10 mil for the “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Now, Haynesworth and his lawyer Brett Kimmel are going on the offensive — claiming the case should be dismissed because even though the woman may be upset at Haynesworth, she doesn’t have a legal claim against him.

Haynesworth has previously stated that he would “absolutely” take care of the child — IF she can prove that it’s his … which she has not yet been able to do.

I don’t know what will get resolved faster this silly lawsuit or Haynesworth doing the conditioning test. I can confirm Mike Shanahan chuckled when he read this story.