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Michele Bundy on Shannon Sharpe: “He Forced Me To Have Sex”

My question is this, if according to the protective order that Miss Bundy filed against CBS NFL personality Shannon Sharpe, he forced her to have sex, why is Miss Bundy filing a restraining order as oppose to pressing criminal charges?

Forcing someone to have sex is called rape and if someone is doing that they should be in jail, not being “restrained”.

Sports By Brooks has a copy of the restraining order granted to Miss Bundy and also this quote from her lawyer:

Sharpe forced Miss Bundy to have sex with him. He repeatedly calls and threatens her life. Places her under surveillance and calls to say he is watching her.

I am trying to use some common sense here, if someone is forcing themselves on me, threatening my life and has me under surveillance shouldn’t my first call be to the cops?  If I contact a lawyer shouldn’t his first piece of advice is take me to the police station?

Earlier today we reported a college player getting arrested for a threatening text, this appears to be a lot more serious, but the authorities have not been called.

I am not saying Miss Bundy claims aren’t true, but they would hold more weight if as soon as she felt violated by Shannon Sharpe she went to the police.

Sharpe has not been handed any punishment by CBS (he shouldn’t because there are no criminal charges) and he will continue his duties on the NFL Today set.


Sharpe released a statement through CBS: “I have decided to step aside from the NFL Today until this matter is resolved.

The question begs how long will that be?